BBMRI-ERIC Quality Management Team organised two informative and comprehensive webconferences which focused on the main topic; “Biobanking in times of Covid-19”

On April 1st, a webconference titled “Biobanking in times of Covid-19, risks and opportunities for biobanks” organized by Andrea Wutte, head of BBMRI-ERIC quality management service, took place with participation of Maurice Bradsley (EVA-GLOBAL), Petr Holub (BBMRI Directory & Negotiator of Covid-19), Helmuth Haslacher, ( Quality Manager), Andrea Ganna-Mark Daly (Institute for Molecular medicine Finland, University of Helsinki).

Questions addressed about the risks and opportunities of biobanks during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemia, included;

  • Are biobanks prepared to collect samples from COVID19 patients?
  • What is the risk and which opportunities come with it?
  • Does your biobank have permission to process and store COVID-19 samples for research purposes?
  • How is the chain of health safety conditions and regulations handled in your biobank?
  • Do we unite in our approaches to collect COVID-19 samples?
  • How fast can this be done?

On April 7th, a second webconference titled by “Biobanking in times of Covid-19, pre-analytical procedures”organized by Andrea Wutte, head of BBMRI-ERIC quality management service, took place with participation of Lukasz Kozera (Scientific Programme Manager at BBMRI-ERIC), Helmuth Haslacher ( Quality Manager), Antonino Di Caro (UOC Microbiology Laboratory and Biological Bank National Institute for Infectious Diseases IRCCS).

The main topics and questions addressed about the pre-analytical procedures included;

  • Types of samples that biobank may store, sample life cycle. 
  • Presence of virüs in different types of samples. 
  • Laboratory standards for Sars-CoV-2 suspected samples. 
  • How biobanks can deal with Sars-CoV-2samples?
  • Who should care about Covid-19? 
  • What should be taken into account when performing biobanking during the Covid-19 pandemic? 
  • How could a risk analysis be performed? 

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