The 10th Surgical Research Congress, CAK 2019

The 10th Surgical Research Congress was held by the Turkish Surgical Society on 13-14 December 2019 in Malatya, which was attended by national coordinator Prof. Dr. Neşe Atabey and IBG-Biobank and Biomolecular Resources director Dr. Sanem Tercan Avcı. The congress emphasized the importance of raising the awareness of clinicians and surgeons on biobanking, as well as the significance of biobanking in cancer research. Dr. Sanem Tercan Avcı delivered a speech at the congress  titled “Biobanking in cancer research and its importance in medical research”. In addition, the importance of the standardization, harmonization and sharing of sample and associated data under the guidance of BBMRI-ERIC and ISO-20387-Biobank standard was emphasised.

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